ELLED Airfield LED-Lamps

Current controlled unidirectional ∅35/50 mm Reflector LED-lamp

The airfield lighting applications provide essential visual guidance for aircrafts during taxi, take-off, approach, and landing. The ELLED™ LED-lamps are highly efficient with minimum number of components.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Energy consumption reduces over 90% as compared to the conventional LEDlighting and Halogen lighting.
  • Fixture independent LED-lamp.
  • The ELLED LED-lamps help reaching airport’s carbon neutrality goals and reduce annual operational costs.

Applications and typical fixtures

  • Inset runway and taxiway lights
  • Inset stop bar lights
  • Helipad lights

Application notes

  • The ELLED LED-lamps are designed to be operated on max. 2.4 A circuits.
  • In Halogen fixture retrofit installations proper mounting must be ensured. Minor modifications to the fixtures may be necessary (installation kits available).
  • Heat conducting putty must be used between a LED-lamp and a fixture (provided).
  • Re-use of the existing fixtures may be possible. Contact ELLEGO for further information.

Candela Chart, Polar coordinates

ELLED™ Reflector 50mm HI @ 2.4 A
Halogen MR16 105W @ 6.6 A