Sustainability is a fixed part of our business today. We consider the environmental aspects of both the business and the products, as well as the impact of operations on the individual, the employee and the stakeholders. Operational risks are identified and business is economically positive with continuous development toward greater economical efficiency and lower environmental impact. Risks relating to persons are minimised.

ELLEGO promotes sustainability by cooperating with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders for the achievement of goals.

We take the requirements of sustainability into consideration in all design, manufacturing and stakeholder cooperation.

Energy consumption

We use decentralized energy for our processes and are actively improving our energy efficiency. We design and manufacture systems and devices for the decentralized power plants of our customers. We are the partner that meets the the demand and challenges of reforms in the generation and consumption of electricity.

Waste and emissions

We strive to minimize the amount of waste generated. Waste is sorted and raw materials are recycled. The share of landfill waste from our operations is particularly minimal. Our operations do not cause any significant emissions into the air or water.

Product management

We take product life cycle, reliability and product safety into consideration in our design. Many of our product families enjoy decades of operating time and the materials are mostly recyclable after the lifecycle ends. Our effective usage of raw materials and smooth manufacturing processes ensure a truly competitive product portfolio as well.

We select the materials for our products in compliance with RoHS and REACH requirements and make these procurements in compliance with the requirements for conflict minerals.

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Society and the individual

ELLEGO operates in a society that enjoys a high level of education and Nordic prosperity; one that ensures everyone has access to good health care and equal opportunities for education.

As the environment changes and technology rises to the occasion, continuous learning combined with the ability to learn and the opportunity to do so become the prerequisites of competitiveness.

Taking occupational safety into consideration in our operations is part of our culture. Our goal is to have zero accidents.

Suppliers, subcontractors and other stakeholders

We operate responsibly and require our suppliers, subcontractors and cooperation partners to operate responsibly as well.

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Certified management system

We are a responsible, reliable, high-quality cooperation partner to our customers. Our operational system is certified in accordance with standards ISO9001 and ISO14001.

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