ELLEGO™ Driverless LED


Reduces energy consumption

Novel power control method needs only 50-3000 mA to create enough light and Reduces cable losses & Eliminates need to use power control electronics inside each fixture.

Safer and easier maintenance work

CCR output voltage is always <1 kV, Compliance with working safety regulations becomes easier, Only one CCR model reduces maintenance mistakes and spare part obsolescence.

Investment savings

Replace only bulbs and CCRs, Use existing cabling or 2.5 mm2 new cables, Use existing or 25W lamp transformers, Minimize WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment), Shorten your investment break even time.

Makes reaching carbon neutrality easier

Low energy consumption and less materials equals low emissions, Re-using existing fixture and circuit components eliminates waste, CO2 compensation fees can be used for AGL 3.0 upgrade, Easier carbon neutrality implementation

Lower spare part cost

Robust and simple construction, No power control electronics inside each fixture, Less spare part types needed, Same LED-lamps for many fixture types.

Replace only the bulb if needed

Existing halogen fixtures can be utilized, Simple and robust solution, No power control electronics in each fixture, Same LED-lamps for many fixture types.

Only one CCR type

4 kW CCR fits for all applications, Small spare part inventory, Easy CCR fleet management and maintenance, Easy handling of CCR parameters.

ELLEGO ELLED in 24/7 field use since 2019 with Finavia

Field-tested system used, ELLED PK30d, 10/2019 -, ELLED Reflector, 5/2021 -, ELLEGO CCR, 10/2021 -

Remarkable OPEX reduction

Lower electricity cost, Lower maintenance cost due to low Field Failure Rate, Low annual spare part cost, Minimize WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment) cost.

The unique ELLEGO™ driverless LED provides highly efficient operation with low costs. The ICAO light intensity requirements are reached at 1.0 – 2.4 A of current. For this reason, the conventional 6.6 A current is not required.

The combination of ELLEGO CCR and ELLED LED-lamps together with the existing cables and lamp transformers provide quick and easy access to fundamental LED efficiency. At the minimum, very low series circuit currents, as low as 0.05 A, can be used. The maximum output voltage of 990 VAC means easier and safer maintenance work, less insulation stress and a longer lifetime of the AGL circuits.

The ELLEGO CCR has many features making operation and maintenance easy. For new series circuit installations the investment costs will reduce, because smaller cable diameters and optimized lamp transformers can be used.


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