Power Electronics Solutions since 1979

ELLEGO designs and manufactures battery chargers, DC power systems and solutions in power electronics to customers all around the world. Our products are used in applications demanding extreme reliability, such as power stations, ships and airports.

Our operations are characterized by customer-orientation and the tailoring of our products according to specific requirements. We are constantly developing our expertise and creating new solutions for the increasing needs of the market, taking into account the safety and environmental aspects of our products and business.

We are more than happy to serve as a partner for our customers throughout the product life cycle. We put our expertise at the disposal of our customers all the way from design to product commissioning and maintenance services.

Sustainability is a fixed part of business today.

Sustainability is a fixed part of our business today. We consider the environmental aspects of both the business and the products, as well as the impact of operations on the individual, the employee and the stakeholders. Operational risks are identified and business is economically positive with continuous development toward greater economical efficiency and lower environmental impact. Risks relating to persons are minimised.