Constant Current Regulator

Constant Current Regulator for the series circuits

The airfield lighting applications provide essential visual guidance for aircrafts during taxi, take-off, approach, and landing.

The ELLEGO CCR and ELLED LED-lamps provide high energy efficiency and low-operational cost for the serial circuits.

The ELLEGO AGL helps reaching airport’s carbon neutrality goals and reduces annual operational costs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Energy consumption reduces over 90% as compared to conventional LED-lighting and Halogen lighting.
  • A single CCR model covers all standard AGL circuits.
  • Designed for easy commissioning and maintenance.
  • Parameters upload/download, history log, simplified user interfaces.
  • DC-UPS backup power units available.
  • Light intensity control by CCR minimizes light intensity variations across all fixtures and increases
  • Compatible with series circuit current control. No power control electronics is needed inside the
  • 7 configurable light levels, status indication, earth fault detection, LED-lamp fault detection, circuit selector, circuit direction changer, series cutout, protective functions.