ELLEGO’s first LinkedIn Live webinar was arranged on May 10th on “AGL circuits with native LED currents” and it was the first part of a two-part Airport Solution webinar series. The second part will be held on LinkedIn Live on May 24th and focuses on sustainability on sustainable benefits of low AGL currents. Below we have summarized questions during the webinar:

If I would like to make a pilot installation with AGL 3.0, how should I start and who to contact with?

The best way to start is to contact ELLEGO by email agl(at)ellego.fi, and share for more details such as the application where ELLEGO solution would be installed, current installed base, operational requirements etc. We are happy to receive inquiries and study every case individually to ensure compatibility and performance.

In the presentation was mentioned that ELLEGO is welcoming partners to develop AGL 3.0 solutions. If there is a company willing to develop AGL 3.0 lighting product, what is the process and who to contact with?

This follows the same path with the pilot installation inquiries. The best way is to reach out to ELLEGO team by email and share some details on the product, if it’s an existing or a completely new one, and we can agree on the right way to move forward. We can together evaluate how this could be implemented from your point of interest.

Is the rack installation available for ELLEGO CCR?

Not yet, but there is nothing stopping us from the further development and changing the design from stand alone to rack mounted device. It requires some R&D effort, but if there is a need in the market, it can be done.

How about individual lamp control. Are you looking into this topic?

Yes, we have considered single lamp control and monitoring for AGL 3.0, and have even drafted some concepts for it. In principle there’s nothing against ILCMS in low current systems, but it needs to be adapted.

Thank you for all Live participants and see you next time!