PRT – Thyristor-controlled rectifier

PRT thyristor power supply

A reliable, constant current rectifier, which can be operated either manually or automatically. Remote control is optional. Ideal for electrolysis processes and electroplating.


  • Output voltage range: 0–400 Vdc
  • Output current range: 0–15000 Adc
  • Several units can be run in parallel
  • Water or air cooling
  • Remote control via an RS serial cable

Applications include:

  • Electroplating (including electric zinc coating, hard chrome coating, high polish chrome coating and tin coating)
  • Anodization and hard-anodization
  • Electrolysis processes
  • Water purification
  • Corrosion protection
  • Ballast water treatment

Features of using thyristor technology

  • Robust and reliable technology
  • High load rating performance at 100% 24/7
  • Output voltage polarity change feature
  • Low need of maintenance work