EDC Power system with VELA control unit

EDC power system with VELA charger monitor

UPS power system operates via touch screen pages and by selecting functions (e.g. float or boost charging), setting values for parameters (e.g. battery voltage and current limit) or by scrolling various data pages (e.g. alarms). Visual illuminated status indication bar with green/red light for easy detection of the status at line-of-sight distance. The unit can also indicate status and alarm data via I/O lines and relays.


  • Automatic monitoring
  • Visual indication
  • Alarms and log
  • Battery testing and current limiting
  • Analog meters
  • Multiple I/O options
  • Remote monitoring

Applications include:

  • Navigation systems
  • Engine control consoles
  • Emergency generator start circuits
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Drilling systems
  • Fire detection systems
  • Switchboards
  • Dynamic positioning

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